Jan 201828

Högtidssammankomst/Comm. meeting 2018

Ledamöter och särskilt inbjudna hälsas välkomna till akademiens 206:e högtidssammankomst. Academy Fellows and special guests are bid welcome to the Academy’s 206th Commemorative Meeting. Läs mer

Börjar 28 januari, 2018 17:00
Slutar 28 januari, 2018 23:55
Plats Stockholms Stadshus
Adress Ragnar Östbergs Plan, Stockholm, Sverige, 112 20 Google kartor

Mar 201812

Forests and the Climate – manage for maximum wood production or leave the forest as a carbon sink?

The purpose of this conference is to establish a consensus regarding some basic principles concerning the role of forests in climate mitigation, which is needed for scientists to provide good advice to policy-makers. We aim to facilitate a dialogue about the roles of forests and forest management in climate change mitigation, identify knowledge gaps and priorities for future research and data collection, and produce and disseminate a state-of-the-art view of forests and climate that reflects the outcomes of the exchanges of opinions and areas of agreement that emerge from the conference. Läs mer

Börjar 12 mars, 2018 10:00
Slutar 13 mars, 2018 17:00
Plats KSLA
Adress Drottninggatan 95 B, Stockholm, Sverige Google kartor

Aug 201826

Bertebos Conference 2018

The focus of the Bertebos conference in August 2018 is the area of sustainable food systems, especially the concepts of ecological intensification of agricultural production and food self sufficiency. This is the research focus of Professor Kenneth G. Cassman, the winner of the Bertebos prize in 2017. Läs mer

Börjar 26 augusti, 2018
Slutar 28 augusti, 2018
Plats Falkenberg Strandbad
Telefon +46 (0)346 71 49 09
Adress Havsbadsallén 2A, Falkenberg, 311 42 Google kartor
Kostnad 3 300 SEK
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