Här i Arkivet hittar du de tidigare inlägg som gjorts på akademiens hemsida; nyheter, nya publikationer, avgivna remisser o s v. Klickar du på någon Etikett till vänster så kommer de inlägg som har någon koppling till just det ämnet upp.

Forests and the climate – KSLAT 6-2018

A summary of the discussions at an international conference on forests and the climate in March 2018. The aim was to facilitate dialogue among experts representing different views related to forest management and climate change mitigation, to help advance scientific understanding, and to identify knowledge gaps and priorities for future research and data collection. Läs mer

Tandem Forest Values – first call for applications

Tandem Forest Values constitutes 12 two-year post-doctoral projects, where universities and/or research institutes in Finland and in Sweden jointly formulate research applications and engage suitable researchers for the project. The two thematic areas are Sustainable forestry management and New products and processes.
This is the first call and applications must be submitted no later than 29 March 2018. Läs mer

KSLAT 2011 – årgång 150

Här listas de KSLAT som publicerats under 2011. Läs mer

KSLAT 2009 –årgång 148

Här listas de KSLAT som publicerats under 2009. Läs mer

KSLAT 2007 – årgång 146

Här listas de KSLAT som publicerats under 2007. Läs mer