Extended nomination period for the Bertebos Prize 2022

KSLA has the privilege of inviting prominent persons and organizations to propose candidates for the Bertebos Prize 2022. Candidates for the Bertebos Prize should have contributed to significant research and development within the field of traditional small grain cereals for food and health promotion, with special emphasis on reduced environmental footprint or health aspects. Nominate no later than November 8.

Small grain cereals (wheat, barley, rye and oats) play an important role globally as staple foods, not only in the temperate climate zones where they are mainly cultivated, used in bread and other traditional foods as well as in beverages. They are rich in starch and other digestible carbohydrates and proteins of importance for their processing, i. e. gluten, or for their nutritional value, i. e. fibres. With the development of new process technology in food industry and food products, as well as health aspects, the demands on inherent qualities of small grain cereals have diversified. In parallel, the plant production systems for small grain cereals need to meet the demands on reduced environmental footprint and adaptation to climate change. Innovative and groundbreaking research and development within plant breeding, crop production and nutrition research has formed the basis to meet challenges for the food system of small grain cereals. Research, including its practical use, in areas such as sustainable intensification in the field, reduced abiotic stress, resistance to pests and diseases, competitive ability, water and nutrient use efficiency, minimized discharge of climate gases, perenniality, contents of benign nutritional components that promote health or those causing health problems and processes for new food products have contributed to development of the food system of small grains.

The Prize consists of SEK 400,000 (approx. EUR 39,000) and a diploma and is presented at the Commemorative Meeting of the Academy on 28 January 2022 in the City Hall of Stockholm.

KSLA organizes communicative activities together with the recipient of the award and in dialogue with the Bertebos Foundation. The activities should preferably take place the same year as the prize is awarded and should involve invited researchers and industry representatives. The type of activity may vary depending on the prize winner’s scientific orientation.

Extended nomination period! Nominations of candidates should be submitted by November 8, 2021, and include justification, CV and references to up to five scientific papers elucidating the candidates’ most significant achievements in research and development. The nomination form (below) should be sent by e-mail to Keiko Blesserholt, keiko.blesserholt@ksla.se.

Inquiries concerning the Prize and the nomination can be forwarded by telephone or e-mail to Eva Pettersson, eva.pettersson@ksla.se, +46 8 5454 7702.

Bertebos Prize 2022 call incl. nomination form (pdf).

Information about the prize as well as previous winners.

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