Bioeconomy Pathways: Innovation, Development and Governance


Bioeconomy Pathways: Innovation, Development and Governance Mer information
Mer information

Bioeconomy Pathways: Innovation, Development and Governance

The global bioeconomy has emerged as a key cross-cutting element of the overall sustainability transition in the coming decades. A modern bioeconomy offers a healthier and more prosperous future through resource efficiency, climate resilience and sustainable production systems for food, feed, fuels and value-added products and services. The emerging bioeconomy will play a valuable role—albeit quite differentiated and contextualised—across countries and regions at quite different levels of development, just as the Sustainable Development Goals were envisioned to be universal in nature. Despite wide agreement on the future significance of the bioeconomy, there is less agreement on the pathways to be taken and tensions have arisen especially between conservation-oriented vs. commercially-oriented systems, pathways and landscapes. In this seminar we discuss bioeconomy pathways in quite broad terms across different world regions, scales and sectors, emphasising the key role of innovation, the important development linkages that should be emphasised and the governance requirements.

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