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French-Swedish Forest Week

The photo exhibition “Forests and People” comes to Stockholm for a few weeks. It is designed by GoodPlanet Foundation, which was created by the French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. This event gives the opportunity to draw attention to French and Swedish forest management, which we will discuss during a series of lunch seminars.

This second lunch seminar focuses on forestry and the industry of wood products. It aims to tackle forestry from an economic point of view. We intend to raise awareness on the new uses of forest products that can enhance the economic value of forests.

The first lunch seminar was dedicated to biodiversity. It highlights ecosystem services, their economic assessment and their contribution to a forest management respectful of biodiversity.

As far as forest coverage is concerned, Sweden and the Nordic countries rank high, and France, including its overseas territories, also ends up quite high in the list. After the International Year of Forests 2011, it is interesting to see how both Sweden and France contribute to the development of a green economy, and value ecosystem services involving forests as a key element to meet global challenges.

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