Future needs of knowledge and skills in the forestry sector


Future needs of knowledge and skills in the forestry sector Mer information
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Future needs of knowledge and skills in the forestry sector

How could we maintain innovation capability and competitiveness?

Forestry is a corner stone of the Swedish economy that should be of outmost importance in the transition into a biobased economy but its operative environment is facing major challenges. The multiple values and the potential revenues associated with the values of forestry are increasingly acknowledged by diversified groups of actors in different parts of the society. This has led to the suggestion that there should be a national forest program in Sweden and to a long-term growing demand for true sustainable management and utilization of varying forest resources. Further, the general desire for increased plurality and gender equality in society might be especially important in the tradition-based forestry sector.

In this seminar we will share experiences in higher education from the Nordic countries and Canada with preferences on the following:

  • Conclusions of future needs in higher education in forestry and/or related educations.
  • Measures that can broaden the recruitment base, e.g. by changing the image of what a forester is like, to better facilitate future competence needs (e.g., ways to secure increased plurality and equality).
  • Training proposals for the academic category that improves education quality and thus effectively contributes to provide the forest sector with relevant skills.
  • New skills-enhancing forms of collaboration both between educational and research institutions and between these and the forest companies and organizations.
  • Campaigns that could enhance forestry image and attractiveness, and possibly in extension create opportunities to provide needed skills.

The seminar is arranged by the Committee of Competence Supply and we are looking forward to an intersting day.

For more information and program, please read PDF invitation above.