International outlook – Introduction of new international fellows


International outlook – Introduction of new international fellows Mer information
Seminarium för akademiledamöter och inbjudna gäster
Seminar for Academy fellows and invited guests

Our Academy includes foreign fellows in all parts of the world, some close to Sweden and some far away. Some are quite frequent guests at the Academy, others disappear out of sight soon after their election, which is a great loss for the Academy.

Geographical distance is, obviously, a challenge, but also the lack of personal connections between fellows in different countries. As a small step towards interaction and mutual exchange we arrange a seminar on the day before the Commemorative meeting to give recently elected fellows a chance to present themselves and their work in an informal way, and to discuss common, current affairs with other fellows.

Please help us welcome our new fellows by listening to their presentations and by engaging in discussions on current issues in different parts of the world. There is no strict programme for the afternoon, but each new fellow will give a personal presentation, 10–15 minutes long, including a few minutes for discussions and questions.

More info and programme in pdf above.