Scientist responsibility for transforming knowledge into policy


Scientist responsibility for transforming knowledge into policy Mer information
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Scientist responsibility for transforming knowledge into policy

The role of scientists and scientifically based knowledge in shaping decisions and – ultimately – making decisions is important, complex, and varies amongst the issues and problems under consideration. No one would deny that scientific progress has had an immense impact on preventing and treating diseases such as cancer and infections, solving environmental problems, or for increasing the productivity of modern agriculture. Yet, it can also be argued that in some fields the balance between the input from the scientific community and from other stakeholders is shifting and that the scientists often are losing influence.

Is that the case? And, if so, why? And, should we care? An important question is if the scientific community is responsible for providing knowledge, insights and relevant input to address the issues that policymakers need to solve.

This seminar aims at illuminating these problems at both the European and national levels. The seminar will be held in English before the lunch-break, and in Swedish after lunch.


Professor Mats Brenner was not able to contribute, instead Erik Fahlbeck from the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, gave an impromptu review of how the department is working to make the policy of research.

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