The EU strategy for animal welfare


The EU strategy for animal welfare Mer information
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Animal welfare is of great concern within Sweden and the EU. Swedish animal welfare policy and legislation are often considered or supposed to be the toughest in the world. However, recent events show that the rules are not always adhered to and that there is a lack of follow-up and control functions. The outline as well as control mechanisms of this legislation must be reviewed – on Swedish and EU levels – and such reviews are currently underway.

Within the EU, both the European Commission and the European Parliament work on these issues, most notably with a recent report by Swedish Member of the European Parliament, Marit Paulsen.

KSLA now invites to a seminar where the EU animal welfare strategies for food animals are highlighted and the visions for the future are discussed. Marit Paulsen and other European experts will give presentations on the work at EU level. The Swedish CVO Leif Denneberg will present the Swedish views on this process.

On the 13th October 2010 KSLA will arrange a second seminar where the Swedish national level strategy for animal welfare will be further highlighted.