Gifts & Donations

At the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry people from different parts of the world and community meet in respectful dialogue and discussion. We share and spread knowledge with the goal that wise decisions are made in society about the sustainable use of our natural resources.

New purposes increase opportunities

The Academy activities are mainly financed with the revenue from donations, most of which have purposes connected to the traditional green sectors Agriculture and Forestry.

The Academy uses only the return of capital from the donations. The past years’ interest rates have made it increasingly insecure to rely on this income. To secure the ability to work in an active and modern way KSLA needs also additional resources, enabling activities in all our sectors.

Easy to support

Alongside traditional donations, it is also possible to support the Academy’s activities in a simple way by small or large gifts:

IBAN No: SE 208 0000 8327 9993 9618 881

From this account incoming gifts will be at the Collegium’s disposal to use in the Academy field of activities.

The Academy is also be grateful to be remembered in wills.

The Fundraising Foundation

At the Academy’s 200th anniversary in 2013, the fundraising foundation ”KSLA for Upcoming harvests” was launched, as part of the efforts to increase external funding of the Academy’s activities. The founders were former members of the Academy Presidium (President,s Vice Presidents, Academy Secretaries).

The Foundation has later decided to let KSLA assume the foundation’s account (see above) and balance in hand as a first contribution. The Academy Board, Kollegiet, decides every year how the funds raised will be used, in the spirit that was specified in the Foundation’s manifesto.

Would you like to know more on how to support the Academy?

Your contribution makes a difference! For more information please contact:
Academy Secretary General, Dr Peter Normark,
President of the Academy, Civil Engineer Lena Andersson,
Vice President of the Academy, Professor Jan Stenlid,


KSLA works to make us use natural resources in a gentler and more sustainable manner than today – a manner that does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. (The picture is a montage.)

Biblioteket är stängt 17-18 juni!

Forests and Forestry in Sweden 2024

A booklet which aims at providing an insight into Swedish forestry practice and a glimpse into why the forest means so much to Swedish…

Kenneth Alness hedersdoktor vid SLU

Kenneth Alness utsedd till hedersdoktor vid Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet.

Kunskapsutbyte och framtidsspaning

11/6: KSLA:s mentorskapsprogram kopplar ihop akademiledamöter med unga akademiker och praktiker inom de areella näringarna för utbyte av kunskap, erfarenheter och framtidsspaningar.