Grants & Scholarships

KSLA distributes grants from several foundations that promote scientific research and development in the green sector.

The Academy manages these foundations and distributes different types of grants according to the wishes of the donors.

The grants are supposed to support or pay for syntheses and analyzes through research, investigation, promotion, information, etc., and/or scholarships/travel grants.

Current announcements

To apply

The application can be made certain times each year, see under Utlysningar (Announcements). The application is made via a separate system, the application link is available in connection with the respective announcement. Grants and scholarships are not awarded retroactively; i.e. not for pilot projects, trips, etc., which were started or completed at the end of the application period.

For more information on how to do this, see under the heading To apply.


Payment is made against requisition. The funds can be requisitioned in connection with the start of the project, but within one year at the latest.

In the case of a travel grant, payment is only made when the travel report/statement has been submitted and approved by the academy.


For information on final reporting.

Log in here to see decisions, make requisitions and submit final report.

Sommar på KSLA

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