How we work

The Academy shall:

  • Throw light on and influence from many different angles the development of society within the Academy’s areas of competence.
  • Take steps to promote sustainability, economic viability and competitiveness in the production and management processes that affect the green sector.
  • Serve as a natural source of information and knowledge for decision makers. Given the extensive mass of knowledge that the Academy possesses it is well placed to continuously present factual information, which in its turn helps to influence the development of society.
  • Take initiatives to in order to generate new knowledge to strengthen the green sector.
  • Work towards ensuring that natural and land resources are used, cared for and protected to ensure the economically, socially and ecologically sustainable development of society. These resources are also an important basis for increasing quality of life and improving the health of the general public.
  • Contribute to a critical and constructive discussion around the use and care of natural and land resources. The Academy’s credibility can be maintained and strengthened if we work towards being a dedicated and critical reviewer of the activities in society that impact on the Academy’s areas of competence.
  • Promote historical studies so that knowledge and insights from the past can be used as background for discussions about the future.
  • Play an active role in both national and global economic, social and environmental development on issues that affect the Academy’s areas of interest. The Academy shall aim to strengthen Swedish competitiveness in the international arena.

As a result of its independence, the opinions of the Academy are deeply respected.

Working practice

  • Through regular meetings of the Academy and through organised conferences, seminars and symposia the Academy offers a forum for highlighting complex issues on which a complete picture is missing and where different solutions must be weighed against each other. The Academy’s initiatives shall be forward looking while taking historical experience into account.
  • Versatility and a holistic view are guaranteed because conferences, seminars, committees and projects as well as the members represent different experiences, competences and attitudes. It is essential that the cadre of members is developed in such a way so that different ideas are well represented.
  • Free scientific inter-disciplinary talks and discussions are important. The Academy should, partly in association with other academies, provide greater opportunities for academic exchanges and create a forum where researchers and practitioners can meet.
  • The Academy should carry out regular environmental and future analyses for its areas of responsibility. Foreign members should be actively involved in this process.
  • Sweden’s stance in international forum must be clearly based on scientific foundations in order to be successful. The Academy should make its collective skills and its independent platform available for identifying issues and analysing them, and for carrying out scientific studies for use as a foundation for Sweden’s actions in political fora and through other organisations.
  • The Academy’s activities should be made more available to parties outside the Stockholm area. The number of activities outside of Stockholm can increase at the same time that the potential to have videoconferences can be used when this is suitable and possible as well as individual connection to the Academy’s activities via computer.