Standing committees and boards

Within the Academy there are permanent committees and boards for finance, prizes and awards, grant allocation and library/archives.

Special boards administer the Enaforsholm and  Barksätter estates.

  • The standing finance committee – the Academy’s counsellors on economic management
  • The standing prize and award committee – prepares items concerning the Academy’s prizes and awards
  • The standing BAHP committee (Library, archives and historical projects)  – plans and reviews the unit’s activities.
  • The research grant committee – prepares applications for research grants and travel scholarships.
  • The review committee – reviews applications for and use of internal grants



  • Election Committee – prepares the election of Swedish, foreign and honorary fellows.
  • The foundation for the SLO fund – promotes appropriate mechanization and building activities in agriculturen and forestry, especially measures that improve the working environment.
  • The board of the Barksätter estate – deals with all affairs concerning Barksätter, situated near the town Katrineholm in the county Södermanland.
  • The board of the Enaforsholm estate – deals with affairs concerning the Academy’s mountain estate Enaforsholm Fjällgård in western Jämtland (except business conducted by Enaforsholm Ltd).