The Fellows

The Fellows – the most important resource

Within the Academy there are three sections:

  • The General section
  • The Agriculture section
  • The Forestry section

Each section consists of Swedish fellows, honorary fellows and foreign fellows. Fellows are elected to the section appropriate to their competencies.

Each section has 70 positions for Swedish fellows under the age of 65 and 25 positions for foreign fellows under 65 years of age.

The maximum number of honorary fellows is 20.

When a fellow turns 65 years old he/she leaves his/her position but remains as a fellow of the Academy. A new fellow is elected to fill the opened position. Election takes place once a year.

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Election of fellows

Only the Swedish fellows and Swedish honorary fellows can nominate candidates to the Academy, after having made sure that the suggested person is keen on and prepared to participating actively in the Academy work.

Swedish fellows should be Swedish citizens who are renowned for outstanding knowledge and experience within the Academy’s field of work and who are expected to actively participate in the activities of the Academy.
Honorary fellows should be Swedish or foreign citizens who have actively promoted the objectives of the Academy.
Foreign fellows should be persons of foreign nationality who have earned a reputation for outstanding knowledge and experience within the Academy’s field of work.

After formal election at the December assembly the new fellows receive their Letters of Appointment at the following Commemorative Meeting on the 28th of January.