Forests and the climate – KSLAT 6-2018

A summary of the discussions at an international conference on forests and the climate in March 2018. The aim was to facilitate dialogue among experts representing different views related to forest management and climate change mitigation, to help advance scientific understanding, and to identify knowledge gaps and priorities for future research and data collection.

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Forests and Forestry in Sweden

This booklet provides an overview of the values and goals that are embodied in Swedish forest policy and practice today. It describes the nature and scope of the involvement of politicians, government agencies, research institutions, forest owners, industry, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders in the forest sector.

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Development and capacity building in the Albanian forestry sector

A travel report. Albania is now undergoing profound changes in ownership conditions of its forest resources and their management. The suggested areas of collaboration will be of importance for Albania, both in the immediate future as well as in a long-term perspective.

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