Contributions to the environmental quality objective A Non-Toxic Environment


KSLA has been asked to provide input to the Formas Survey on research that contributes to the environmental quality objective A Non-Toxic Environment by submitting information on to what extent KSLA is funding activities related to the stated objectives.

Summary of KSLA:s response below. Download the full response to the right.

KSLA wants to clarify that the Academy has very limited resources to fund research activities. The main activities of KSLA are to organize seminars/discussions related to food and fiber, including the environmental aspects, with the purpose of identifying the current state of knowledge within a chosen subject area under review. KSLA contributes to making current knowledge more easily accessible also to non-experts of a particular field, but is only a minor actor when it comes to financing of research.

In the response KSLA provides a short list of some its grants for minor projects and pre studies that might be of relevance to the survey, grants listed under given area headings and the year the grant was decided. The duration of the projects have generally been 1 to 2 years.

(March 12, 2015)

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