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Please note:

Applications must be submitted electronically, by the consortium leader, before 5 pm on 9 September 2019.

The electronic application form must be completed with contact information for the consortium leader; information on consortium partners; and brief information about the project (including project title, key words; dates for the project and a short abstract).

Three attachments are required (1–3 below). There are no special forms for the attachments, but instructions below must be followed. Only pdf files can be submitted. Maximum size for each attachment is 2 MB.

  1. A detailed project plan, addressing all evaluation criteria. Please see call text for more information. Only CV and budget are separate attachments and should not be included.
  2. CV and publication list for each consortium partner. Maximum length is 4 pages per person, adding up to a maximum of 16 pages in total for this attachment.
  3. Budget. Each consortium partner must have a separate budget. It should include all costs related to the project, including full overhead costs following the standards at each university or institute. However, the partners of the consortium recommended for funding will be designated to specific funders, in Sweden and in Finland. Each funder will make their own funding decisions based on the evaluation and the funders will accept different levels of overhead costs (see Appendix A and B).

After the submission, the application system will generate the signature page for your application. You need two signatures: your own and that of your boss /the department head. Without those two signatures, the application will be considered incomplete and will be disregarded.  The signed page should be sent by mail within a week after the application deadline. No other documents need to be sent by mail.


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