A biobased economy for sustainable development

A strategy document on the role of the green sector and the life sciences in Sweden’s development towards a sustainable society.

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Prepared as an input to the 2012 Research and Innovation Bill with reference to the green sector, under the direction of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (KSLA) and with the support of a number of organisations.

R&D needs for the green sector

With this input to the Research and Innovation Bill, the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (KSLA) wishes to:

•  Identify needs for strategic knowledge that can form a basis for new, competitive innovations in the areas of:

– Climate change – adaptation and mitigation.
– A biobased economy.
– Food – supply and security.
– Human and animal health.

•  Point to the need for both fundamental and applied research in the green sector as a basis for developing competitive goods and services.

•  Highlight the importance of combining knowledge from different disciplines.

•  Emphasise that the development of competitive products and services calls for an effective innovation system, and stress the importance of collaboration between research and business.

•  Draw attention to the need for closer interaction between universities, other higher education institutions, institutes and the wider society.

The strategy document as pdf.