KSLAT 5-2013 Global Outlook

With an expected world population of 9 billion people in 2050, the global need for Food, Feed, Fibre and Fuel has become a matter of high political concern. In order to satisfy the ever increasing needs of “the four Fs”, there will be a progressively severe competition for limited land and water resources. The international Global Outlook Symposium held in Stockholm 29–30 January 2013 aimed to highlight this from four different perspectives:

1. Agricultural policies over the past 40 years – three cases;

2. Opportunities and challenges for farmers, researchers and business in the agricultural sector;

3. Opportunities and challenges in the forestry sector; and

4. From knowing to acting – paths to a sustainable future.

The Symposium attracted some of the world’s most wellknown experts in these fields as speakers. This is a documentation of their speeches during the Symposium, which was arranged as a part of the 200 year celebration of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry.

Text: Jenny Jewert.