Se Global Outlook online/Watch Global Outlook online

Nu är det möjligt att se Global Outlook-symposiet online, föreläsare för föreläsare. (Vi har haft lite tekniska problem, men de är lösta nu.)

Now it’s possible to watch the Global Outlook symposium online, lecturer by lecturer. (We have had som technical problems, but they are solved now.)

(Till föreläsarnas presentationer som de visades vid symposiet./To the lecturers’ presentations as shown at the symposium.)


Session 1 – Agricultural policies over the past 40 years – three cases

  • Dr. Kerstin Niblaeus – welcome address
  • Moderator: Prof. Mats Morell – introduction
  • Prof. Alan Swinbank – The EU’s Agricultural Policy 1973–2013 – a policy reformed, or is it just the same?
  • Prof. Bill Winders – Cultivating Conflict and Change – the contours of US Agricultural Policy
  • Dr. Philipp Aerni – Agricultural policies in New Zealand – taking advantage of the global knowledge economy (unfortunately there is no video from this lecture)
  • Panel discussion (unfortunately there is no video from this discussion)

Session 2 – Opportunities and challenges for farmers, researchers and business in the agricultural sector

Session 3 – Opportunities and challenges in the forestry sector

Session 4 – From knowing to acting – paths to a sustainable future

  • Moderator: Mr. Johan Kuylenstierna – introduction (followed by Dr. Jacques Diouf and Prof. Paul Alan Cox in the video)
  • H.E. Dr. Jacques Diouf – Key Note Address: Creating a Sustainable Future – how to get more out of less on this only one earth (following Mr. Johan Kuylenstierna and followed by Prof. Paul Alan Cox in the video)
  • Prof. Paul Alan Cox – Inspired by nature – how science and knowledge of nature’s own materials, methods and mechanisms can give us a sustainable future (following Mr. Johan Kuylenstierna and Dr. Jacques Diouf in the video)
  • Prof. Susan Baker – Knowing but not doing. Why changing is so hard even with abundant knowledge
  • Panel discussion