Short interview with Carl-Anders Helander

A short interview with newly appointed Secretary/Managing Director
Carl-Anders Helander, who will take up his post at the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (KSLA) in August.

Congratulations to the job as new Secretary/Managing Director of KSLA! How does it feel?
– Obviously it feels very exciting and also flattering. At the same time it means a big change for me, both job wise and in my private life, but it will be fun!

What attracts you in your new work?
– To get the chance to work in a new environment, with many new co-workers. Also to meet with many new contacts, not least the Academy fellows whom I see as a fantastic resource to work with.

How do you look upon KSLA’s role in society?
– I see great possibilities for KSLA to play a more and more important role as a platform, independent meeting point, discussion society and a creative base from which we can develop the green sector. This based on the fact that KSLA is entrusted to gather those who represent the research area, corporate businesses and society in different ways.

How do you look upon the future of KSLA?
– Of course I see great opportunities for KSLA, operating in a branch of industry – the green sector – with fine future perspectives, great challenges and that in many ways engages our whole society. Here the Academy has a self-evident future, where we can both lean on our tradition and continuously develop our field of activities.

What experiences do you bring with you to KSLA?
– Partly quite a large network within the green sector, even if this needs to be further developed, especially when it comes to forestry. I have worked with most everything from practical agricultural work to European research cooperation. I believe I can “talk to farmers in a farmer’s voice and to the learned in Latin”.
Partly many years’ of experience as a manager and leader in an organization in many ways similar to the Academy – the Swedish Rural Economy and Agricultural Society is very related to the Academy.