Valuable Agricultural Landscapes – KSLAT nr 5-2007

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– the Importance of Romania and Scandinavia for Europe

The Romanian cultural landscapes, in particular those of Transylvania, are unique in Europe in many respects. The large amount and the extensive distribution of traditionally mowed meadows and semi-natural pastures make the region one of the very richest in Europe concerning biodiversity. Besides carrying exceptionally high values for nature conservation, they are also very interesting when it comes to cultural heritage, showing a living part of the former European agrarian history. In this region, many traditional methods were conserved during the socialist regime, when they disappeared in most parts of Western Europe.

This report provides an overview of traditionally managed landscapes in Romania and the Nordic countries seen in a European perspective. It discusses possibilities for research, education and management cooperation between Sweden, Norway and Romania to support the landscape preservation policies. The report is a result of a joint initiative from the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (KSLA) and the Swedish Biodiversity Centre (CBM).

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