Our way of working

The content of the activities is determined by the Academy through its various bodies and its active fellows. The practical work is conducted mainly within different work constellations within the Academy.

KSLA’s ambition is to share knowledge with the goal that wise decisions are made in society about a sustainable use of our biological natural resources.

The Academy offers, in the form of seminars, conferences and other meetings, a forum to shed light on complex issues where an overall picture is lacking and where different solutions must be weighed against each other. Here, researchers and producers, practitioners and consumers, politicians and the general public meet in respectful dialogue and discussion about the green industries. Everyone who is interested in food, environment and natural resources is welcome to the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry – we work with issues that interest many and affect everyone.

The Academy works to comprehensively illuminate the interaction between nature and man and to emphasize the importance of this collaboration for the development of society. The free scientific conversation and the discussion across disciplinary boundaries are important. Versatility and a holistic view are guaranteed by the Academy fellows and other participants representing different experiences, skills and attitudes.

The work is based on the Academy’s portal paragraph.

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