Sections & Committees

Three sections and BAHP – Library, Archive and Historical Projects.

The Academy daily work is carried out within three sections:

  • the General section
  • the Agriculture section
  • the Forestry section

Each section consists of Swedish fellows, international fellows and honorary fellows. They follow the development in their fields of interest through boards, committees and working parties, and through meetings, conferences and seminars. Both Academy fellows and external forces are involved in the work and the Academy endeavours to gather the best available expertise for constructive debate.

In addition to these there is the Unit for Forest an Agricultural History which runs a library and an archive specializing in agrarian history.

The General section

deals at an overall level with questions concerning natural resources, nature conservation, environment, countryside, research policy, dissemination of knowledge, and social planning. The section also deals with industries and sciences that do not relate specifically to agriculture and forestry, such as fisheries and tourism, and other use of natural resources.

Chairman: Eva Thörnelöf.
Secretary: Elin Mellqvist, tel +46 8 54 54 77 16.

Committees of the General section

  • The Committee on Soil Carbon and Climate Benefit (until 30 June, 2023)
  • The Committee on Baltic Sea Issues (until 30 June, 2023)
  • The Committee on Land and Water Use

The Agriculture section

deals with issues relating to production, processing and marketing in theory and practice, including specific educational and advisory questions within agriculture, horticulture and veterinary medicine as well as environmental issues that are associated with the responsibilities of this sector.

Chairman: Bengt-Olov Gunnarson.
Secretary: Sara Österman, tel +46 8 54 54 77 06.

Committees of the Agriculture section

  • The Committee on Sustainable Swedish Food Production and Consumption (until 31 March, 2023)
  • The Committee on Infectious Animal Diseases
  • The Committee on Tomorrow’s Farming Systems

The Forestry section

deals with issues that directly relate to silviculture and utilisation of the forest as a natural resource, including pulp and paper mills and saw mills and marketing in theory and practice, together with specific educational and advisory questions, hunting and the environmental issues that are associated with the responsibilities of this sector.

Chairman: Lotta Möller.
Secretary: Birgitta Naumburg, tel +46 8 54 54 77 07.

Committees of the Forestry section

  • The Committee on Biological Diversity
  • The Committee on the Use of Evidence in Forestry

Library, Archives and Historical Projects (BAHP)

specializes on historical projects, advice and publishing. The projects are run in association with historical researchers and fellows of the Academy.

Chairman of the Standing committee of the unit: Harald Svensson.
Academy librarians: Per Eriksson, tel +46 8 54 54 77 17, and Jimmy Lyhagen, +46 8 54 54 77 18.

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