Travelling for the Academy

Rules and Rates for Travelling Accounts

These rules and rates are in accordance with Swedish law and tax-free remuneration. The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry reimburses travelling expenses in connection with travels for the Academy.

The Academy’s travelling account form must be used.

Travelling accounts must be sent for payment within two months after the trip. All travelling accounts must be supplied with a short message to describe the activity you have participated in.

Travels must be planned so that total expenses will be as low as possible. The travelling account should be made in the currency of your home country, i.e. the country in which your bank is situated.

Enclose original receipts for tickets, (food), lodging etc. For use of own car the mileages will be 2.50 SEK per kilometer which is without tax.

The expenses must be listed in the currency in which they have been paid. Possible exchange rates receipts must be enclosed for exchange calculations.

If information about rate of exchange is missing, the official custom rates from the Swedish Riksbanken, for the month when the travelling takes place, will be used.

For overseas payment, state:

  • Your name and your home address
  • Name of your bank
  • Address of your bank
  • IBAN number, account number and BIC (SWIFT) code.

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