The Academy mission

The Academy’s portal paragraph:

“The task of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry is to promote agriculture and forestry and associated activities with the support of science and practical experience and in the interest of society.”

The Academy is an active forum for science and practical experience. The Academy is also an independent and critical review organisation, which for society’s benefit shall promote ecologically, ethically, aesthetically and socially sustainable and therefore financially viable use and care of the earth, forests, plants, animals, water and air. This also includes the provision of products and services for consumers as well as countryside issues.

The Academy shall highlight from all angles the importance of the green industries* for the development of the whole of society and for our procurement of safe products, and the balance between nature and people; it shall also emphasise the value of the green industries for recreation, living, rehabilitation, sport and leisure activities.

*) The green industries include forestry, agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, hunting, reindeer herding, urban green areas as well as fishing, water use and industries and services based on these. An important task for the green industries will be to increase the available volume of products from the land, animals, forest and water at the same time as minimising the environmental impact, guarding, recreating and creating nature reserves, creating new valuable experiences and new services, developing animal welfare, improving work environments, raising the quality of products and at the same time lowering the cost of production. These developments must progress in an environmentally friendly way, that is, they must meet the needs of today without jeopardising the ability of next generations to meet their own needs.

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