Nitrogen efficiency in practical agriculture – KSLAT nr 8-2000

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– fundamental processes and how to control them

Report from a conference at the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry
April 12th 1999

Nitrogen efficiency in practical agriculture is a topic of extreme importance, particularly with regard to identification of where the real problems are to be found. 

The theme of today’s discussion is how efficiently one can use nitrogen that is present in the soil, nitrogen that is built into the soil, and nitrogen provided through the addition of manure, organic matter or fertilisers. Of key interest are global changes and changes in the composition of the atmosphere. Additionally, we may touch upon the research that is ongoing in Sweden into wetlands and the establishment of wetlands as nitrogen sinks, primarily with the aim of getting the nitrogen into the air rather than into the waterways, together with the removal of N-rich residues and careful irrigation.

Eds: Jan Persson & Tord Eriksson