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The task of The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry is, with the support of science and practical experience and in the interest of society, to promote agriculture and forestry and associated activities.


The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (KSLA) is a meeting place for the green sector.

The Academy is a free and independent network organisation working with issues relating to agriculture, horticulture, food, forestry and forest products, fishing, hunting and aquaculture, the environment and natural resources, and with agricultural and forest history.

This has been the task of the Academy since its foundation in 1811.

These basic industries are important for our livelihood and well-being and will become even more so in the future, since these are the areas where the renewable resources for sustainable development can be created.

The Academy is an impartial organisation, economically independent of the authorities, business and interest groups. Its free and independent position in society and its good name create unique opportunities for meetings and constructive discussions.

The meetings and seminars of the Academy are important ways of achieving targets. By coming together for discussion of important questions it is possible to take initiatives on measures or activities that stimulate development.

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