Return to Eden – KSLAT nr 4-2009

Det vi inte producerar i fredstid kan inte produceras i kristid Mer information
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– future paths to sustainable, natural resources management

The path to sustainable natural resources management lies along the “E5”. This virtual path to the future meets all our wishes in respect of farmers and businesspeople who view animals and nature – and consumers – with considerable Empathy and who cultivate the soil or raise livestock using Ecologically sound and Ethically defensible methods that offer major Esthetic values and provide favorable Economic results.

To test accessibility on the E5 in practice and theory, the Environmental Committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry set off on a combined study trip and scientific workshop in autumn 2007. The most urgent and challenging issue involved the original Fall of Man and whether there was a potential path back to Eden. “Return to Eden” offers considerable hope of the real existence of the E5 – at least in a few years time – if we focus on and can use the increasingly advanced biological expertise and technology of our age.