Seeds for the Future – KSLAT nr 4-2016

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A dialogue project concerning biotechnology in plant production

The EU legislation governing GMOs is out-of-date. The emotional debate of whether one is “for or against” GMOs is equally out-of-date. The time has come for regulations governing plant breeding that do not depend on the technology used.

The government must also take greater responsibility in financing research and development for new environmentally friendly and healthy varieties for cultivation in the Swedish climate. The technology is available. We can use it for good.

All the participants in the KSLA Dialogue Project about biotechnology in agriculture agree about this. Using dialogue, mutual understanding has been reached between people with experience from the political sphere, the green movement, the agricultural industry, government agencies, and the academic world. The objective is sustainable agriculture, and modern plant breeding is one important tool to achieve this objective.

Edited by Jenny Jewert

Translated by Dr. George Farrants, Billericay AB, for Intergraphia Translation Agency

This publication is no longer available in print.