Svar på konsultation om EU:s nya skogsstrategi

KSLA har svarat på EU:s publika konsultation om EU:s nya skogsstrategi.

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Mer information

Det är ett omfattande svarsformulär och KSLA har lämnat följande generella kommentarer kring konsultationen:

  • The survey touches many questions, big and small, and all can be important from different perspectives and in different contexts. Responses to this sprawling survey from various stakeholders cannot be used to give legitimacy to the strategy. The survey’s approach, to assess the significance of various issues, is highly questionable. What is needed today is hardly more objectives, but trade-offs between objectives.
  • Agenda 2030, and the 17 goals with 169 sub-targets should be a clear starting point for the strategy.
  • The large variations within Europe and at regional and local level must be considered, so that the strategy does not result in sub-optimization or deteriorating conditions for sustainable development.
  • It is important to develop forms of dialogue and co-creation of knowledge about the forest because so many different interests are affected. Dialogue should not stand in opposition to scientific knowledge and proven experience, both are necessary. There are many different aspects to consider, and these relate to different perspectives and knowledge bases. This complexity requires a broad and inclusive approach, in which knowledge and opinions are distinguished as far as possible.

Svarsformuläret bifogas, sist i pdf:n finns ett supplement.