Wallenberg Seminar: Rewilding as a New Paradigm for Nature Conservation?

19 november, 2019 09:00
19 november, 2019 12:30
Kungl. Skogs- och Lantbruksakademien
08-5454 7700
Drottninggatan 95 B, Stockholm, Sverige, 113 86

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Rewilding as a conservation approach has recently gained attraction. A rewilding strategy puts a strong focus on restoring ecosystem complexity (e.g., multi-aged forests), natural disturbance regimes (e.g., natural fires and floods) and trophic networks (e.g., bringing back large carnivores and herbivores). Through this, rewilding seeks to bolster ecosystem resilience while at the same time protecting biodiversity.

But what are appropriate baselines for evaluating natural conditions? What are possible targets and endpoints for a rewilding strategy? Will rewilding conflict with the protection of cultural landscapes and farmland biodiversity? And where in Sweden, and at which spatial scale, could rewilding visions be formulated and implemented?

The Wallenberg seminar will bring together leading rewilding researchers, conservation scientists, and practitioners to discuss these questions and evaluate which role rewilding could play in Swedish conservation policy and practice. The seminar will be held partly in Swedish.

Chair: Professor Tobias Kümmerle, Head of Conservation Biogeography Lab, Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany

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