Seeds for the Future – KSLAT nr 4-2016

Seeds for the Future (KSLAT no 4-2016) is a documentation of the results of KSLA’s Dialogue Project about biotechnology in agriculture. ”The objective is sustainable agriculture, and modern plant breeding is one important tool to achieve this objective.”

Etiketter: agriculture | biotechnology | crops | GMO | plant production

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Kvinnor i lantbruket

Ökad jämställdhet ger utveckling, enligt FAO-rapport. Sammanfattning av seminariet ”Women in agriculture” hos KSLA den 19 maj 2011.

Etiketter: agriculture | FAO | kvinnor | lantbruk | utvecklingsländer | women

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Agriculture, trade and development

The overwhelming majority of people living in poverty are small-scale farmers and agricultural workers. To…

Etiketter: agriculture | development | farmers | millennium goals | trade

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Crop and Forest Biotechnology for the Future – KSLAT 13-2003

International Conference in Falkenberg September 17–19, 2001 in cooperation with Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research and Bertebos Foundation…

Etiketter: agriculture | biotechnology | forestry | horticulture

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